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How to turn your passion for pets into action
(BPT) - Are you passionate about pets? Whether you have a beloved animal of your own or simply appreciate all the joy pets bring to our lives, there are many ways you can turn that passion into …
Innovative apps help teachers communicate with families in their preferred language
Chalkbeat reports on apps that help non-English speaking families stay engaged with schools.
Arkansas State Parks and Monument Trails: Unveiling Awe-Inspiring Adventures in the Natural State
(BPT) - Arkansas stands ready to welcome summer adventurers with open arms. Offering a mosaic of natural wonders, captivating landscapes and unparalleled recreational opportunities, Arkansas State …
The 5 most exciting cars of 2024, according to Edmunds
Edmunds presents the five cars that consumers will be looking forward to drive in 2024.
Hybrid cars are popular among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. But electric and gas-powered vehicles get mixed approval
Way.com surveyed 1,000 customers across the country see how electric vehicle popularity split among political parties.